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 READ before you post !

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PostSubject: READ before you post !   Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:00 am

By donating you agree to the following:

Donations cannot be refund.

You donate out of free will and expect nothing in return.

You have accepted the Terms of Agreement upon registration.

We have the right to close your account upon Donation Fraud.

You are living under one roof with enough supplements.

Please do not donate if you can't agree to these rules.

Donation funds will go toward bandwidth costs, hosting service, forums, domain registration, server fees, upgrades, maintenances, electrics, internet, events, and prizes.

Donator Gift:

- 10SGD = 100MIL Mesos + 2 super GM GFA scroll

- 20SGD = 200MIL Mesos + 2 super GM GFA scroll + 3 white scroll

- 30SGD = 300MIL Mesos + Dragon Weapon + 3 Super GM scroll

- 40SGD = 400MIL Mesos + Dragon Weapon + 3 Super GM Scroll + Horntail Necklace

Choose 1 of your choice =D
- 50Sgd = 500MIL Mesos +Dragon Weapon + 3 Super GM Scroll + Horntail Necklace with 52 stats to Str, Dex, Int, Luk.

- 80Sgd = Vip in TPYMS(you are allow to access special room to train =D)

Thoes who wants to donate please Click the Donate Button at the end of the page!

*After donating, please send an email to COPY and PASTE the following to your mail: [/u]

Account ID:
Confirmation number:
alway online at:

Date: June 20 2008
Account ID:Zippo
Confirmation number:1UE09695A4445841F
alway online at: 12am -5am

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READ before you post !
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